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Spencer Chernick, LMFT

ADHD, Teen & Couples Therapy

San Diego, CA

You deserve to heal... deserve to feel heard... can DO THIS!

"Struggling doesn't mean you're failing, it just means you're still on your way..."

- Spencer Chernick, LMFT

Are you ready to improve and create positive change in your life? Perhaps you’ve been ready, but just don’t quite know where to start, or how to keep things going once you do. Or maybe the real struggle is whether it’s too late, or even deserved. Maybe you’ve even tried before but anxiety, depression, anger, fear, shame, self-esteem or whatever else gets in the way. Regardless, you’ve been unable to take that solid step and you don’t want to feel this way anymore. You want to feel what it’s like to have that weight lifted, and feel better. You long to feel closer to your loved one(s). You want to feel like you’re in the driver’s seat in your life; rather than just being along for the ride.

Well, sounds like you're human...

Spencer Chernick, LMFT - ADHD, Couples, Teens, Children - San Diego, CA 92109 Although each story is a little different, somewhere along the line it’s as if we completely forget that we can’t know what we don’t know and mistakes are part of learning… which is something we never truly stop doing. At no point are we supposed to have it all figured out. Instead, it’s about having effective strategies that are authentic to you. Everyone struggles… everyone makes mistakes… everyone gets stuck. It’s literally just part of being human, and you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Therapy can provide you with the space to share and process what is needed without the fear of shame or judgement, and develop the coping skills and self-esteem for sustained positive change. You are stronger and more capable than you know.

Therapy Services I Specialize In

ADHD Therapist

Do you find that you are often forgetful, impulsive, or easily distracted? Seeing an ADHD therapist in San Diego can help you break undesired patterns and develop effective strategies to feel in control, and feel more capable than ever before.

Couples Therapy

Are you and your partner struggling to connect or communicate? Couples therapy in San Diego can help re-forge the bonds that make you feel connected to one another and improve how you communicate, so you can get back to enjoying what truly matters… your relationship.

Teen Counseling

Is your teen struggling to overcome or process difficulties in their life? Teen counseling in San Diego can provide the skills and techniques your teen needs to overcome their struggles and guide them towards who they want to be in their life.

Spencer Chernick, LMFT a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in San Diego, CA

Spencer Chernick, LMFT - ADHD, Couples, Teens, Children - San Diego, CA 92109 Welcome! I just want to take a moment and recognize that if you’re here, you’re ready for change. Honestly, you’ve already done most of the work right there! As a strength-based therapist, I help identify strengths and positive shifts in patterns that can be used to create and maintain desired change. Most of all, I am here to remind you that desiring – or even needing – change does not mean there is something lacking or broken in you! I deeply value peoples’ ability to be honest and kind to themselves so they can recognize when change is needed, but also forgive themselves for having struggled… because struggling is human. We all struggle, we all make mistakes, and we all have been in a place where we may not have presented as our best selves. Things in life can be difficult and we may lose sight of our importance and value in this life. I want you to know that I am here to remind you that you matter and that you are so much stronger than you realize or may give yourself credit for. I am here to help you recognize detrimental patterns that were once helpful and no longer serve a purpose, and also find strengths that you can utilize to help you live a fulfilling life that you are proud of.

Together we will explore the motivations behind the patterns that currently get in your way, so you can begin your journey to where you deserve to be. Come in knowing you can be whatever you need to be and that I am just here to help you get where you want to be. I believe it is essential to find a therapist that you feel you can connect and work well with. I offer a free 15 minute consultation in which we can discuss your current struggles and see if we may be a good fit. If you feel that beginning therapy with me is something you may be interested in, please reach out to schedule your consultation. Visit my about page to learn more about me and see my credentials, and treatment options.

Who I Most Often See in Sessions


I work with individuals on a variety of topics and issues, including struggles with self-esteem, relationships, communication, pattern recognition and development, anxiety, depression, grief, life transitions, and more. I want to help you get to a place that not only feels good, but like you deserve to be there.


I work with couples on various topics and issues, including struggles with connection, communication, intimacy, pattern recognition and development, pre-marital, role identification, life transitions, and more. Whether your focus is on a specific topic, or is more general,  I want to help your relationship get to a place where you feel strong and represented; both as individuals and as a team. 

Teens / Young Adults

Is your teenager or young adult struggling with confidence, negative self-talk, anxiety, depression, school, or in their relationships? I am here, and would love to help them overcome these challenges during this influential and defining time in their life.

You CAN live your life free from whatever holds you back... free to live the life you want and deserve

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Other Therapy Services I Offer

Marriage Counseling

Are you and/or your spouse currently worried about anything in your marriage? Marriage counseling can help married couples reconnect and get back to the patterns that led to them getting married in the first place.

Young Adult Therapy

Are you struggling and don’t know what to do? Young adult therapy can improve your ability to handle struggles & build skills/strategies for self-soothing, problem-solving & emotional awareness.

Self Esteem Therapy

Do you struggle with feelings of self-worth, confidence, or what you deserve? Self esteem therapy can help you learn how to feel empowered, confident, and happy with who you are.

Premarital Counseling

Do you and your partner want to ensure the best possible future together? Premarital counseling and therapy can help create the strongest bond possible that will continue to last into your marriage.

Grief Counseling

Are you struggling due to a loss in your life? Grief counseling can help you work through and overcome the pain and obstacles you are experiencing, and find more peace in your life.

Relationship Counseling

Do you struggle to develop or maintain positive and satisfying relationships? Relationship counseling can help identify the patterns and obstacles that prevent you from having the type of relationships that you desire and deserve.

Life Transitions Counseling

Are you currently experiencing a change in your life that has you feeling confused, depressed or overwhelmed? Life transitions counseling can help you overcome the emotional responses associated with a big life change and adjust in a way that better serves you and the life you hope to live.

Looking for a different therapy service?

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Spencer Chernick, LMFT

ADHD, Teens & Couples Therapy

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ADHD, Teen & Couples Therapy
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