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Life Transitions Counseling San Diego, CA

Are you currently experiencing a change in your life that has you feeling confused, depressed or overwhelmed?

Life transitions counseling can help you overcome the emotions associated with a big life change and adjust in a way that better serves you and the life you hope to live

Are you currently going through a big change in your life? Do you feel like you might be at a crossroads and you just don’t know which way to go? Is this big transition causing you to feel stressed out, overwhelmed, or helpless? Perhaps you’re in college and find yourself unsure of the career path you would like to take. Maybe you are struggling with the changes in responsibility now that you’ve been promoted, or just had a child. Life transitions can leave you feeling lost, confused, and unsure of how to cope.

Everybody experiences big changes at some point in their life

Some of these changes may feel exciting and happy, while other changes may feel terrifying or difficult to manage. Some life transitions may be so overpowering that they have a negative effect on your self-esteem, relationships, and overall happiness levels. The type of transition varies per the individual, but it is common to be feeling overwhelmed during a big change in life, and you are not alone in that feeling. Whether or not the people in your life understand what you’re experiencing, you deserve the support to help you manage whatever transition you are going through.

Life Transition Therapy Can Help

Women Experiencing Loss Who Could Use Life Transitions Counseling in San Diego, CA Whether the life change you are going through is common or not, it can be very helpful to work with a professional and seek support during this time. As a life transition therapist, I will provide a safe and non-judgemental space for you to share any and all thoughts and emotions that you are experiencing. Working with a therapist can allow you to view this difficult time through a new lens and develop coping strategies to allow for a much smoother and positive transition.

Life Transition Counseling Can Result in, but Is Not Limited To:

What Does Life Transition Therapy Look Like?

Man Having Breakthrough in Life Transitions Therapy Session in San Diego, CA In a life transitions counseling session, I always start off by fully assessing and exploring any emotions, thoughts and beliefs that you as the client hold regarding this situation. I allow you the space, and help you to process any potential losses that may come along with this transition; as well as discover the new opportunities that await you! I utilize evidence-based therapeutic techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, in order to identify underlying thoughts and beliefs that you hold regarding this big change. Once we have identified these thought patterns, I help you to examine them and reframe them to reflect more positive and realistic self-talk. I also work through the lens of a Positive Therapist, so I will be helping you to access your inner strengths and empowering you all along the way.

Why Book a Life Transitions Therapy Session with Me?

Spencer Chernick, LMFT - ADHD, Couples, Teens, Children - San Diego, CA 92109 I have worked with a variety of clients experiencing difficult life transitions at multiple treatment settings; such as schools, community-based mental health, and private practice. All clients present with unique and differing situations, and I have helped each of them by tailoring my therapeutic approach specifically to their needs. Though difficult life transitions may be common, they often differ in details and intensity. However, though details may differ, the root struggles that people experience tend to link back to self-doubt, fear, loss and insecurity; all of which my therapeutic style is built for.

As I mentioned previously, my therapeutic style is built for the difficulties that life transitions can present. It is rooted in Positive Therapy, Humanistic Therapy, and Psychodynamic Therapy which are specifically geared toward being supportive and understanding to whatever it is that you are experiencing. I will never shame or judge you. You will be provided with the space and safety needed to process your emotions and to heal at your own pace. I focus on empowering you and identifying strengths that you can use to help yourself get through these difficult times. Through utilizing these therapeutic techniques, I have helped dozens work through and overcome their difficult life transitions and go on to live more fulfilling lives than they thought possible.

Are you ready to stop feeling stuck in your current life transition?

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You may have some questions about life transitions therapy...

A “life transition” can simply be defined as: a change in ones’ life. Some common life transitions include: becoming an adult and moving out of your parent’s house, starting or finishing college, starting or leaving a job/career, having children, getting married or getting a divorce, retirement, and more. Life transitions can be large or small. We all experience them at various points throughout our lives, and they come and go.

Not everyone struggles with life transitions, and some people may have a difficult time adjusting to one type of life transition but not another. If you are struggling with a life transition or recent change, I recommend working with a mental health professional that can help you process and cope with these distressing feelings.

Everyone copes with life transitions differently. While some people may enjoy change and find life transitions to feel fun or exciting, others can feel overwhelmed or unsure of what their future holds due to these changes. There is no “wrong” way to react to a life transition. The way that we react to change often has a lot to do with our underlying core beliefs about ourselves and the world, and could even stem back to things that we learned in childhood.

If you find that you are having an incredibly difficult time adjusting to a recent change, life transitions therapy could be helpful. I often have clients come to me for therapy after a life transition if they are feeling lost, overwhelmed, depressed, insecure, or stressed. However, I also have some clients that simply just want to talk it out and explore the new possibilities for their life now that this big change has taken place. Moral of the story is: if you feel that you would like some additional support during this transitional time in your life, then therapy could be very beneficial.

Absolutely! I see plenty of clients that are not currently experiencing struggles due to a life transition that has already occurred, but surrounding one that is coming up in the future. Some common ones include: getting ready to graduate from college, preparing to have children or get married, starting or leaving a job, and more. There are plenty of anticipatory feelings that can arise when we know that a big life change is coming up, even if it hasn’t occurred yet. Life transitions counseling is a great place to process these feelings and gain some clarity and peace before that big change occurs.

Related Life Transitions Counseling Treatments

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a therapeutic modality that focuses on identifying and exploring the relationship between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Through increased awareness of the negative thinking patterns and factors that influence our less-desired behaviors, CBT provides the tools necessary to effectively reframe negative thought patterns into more realistic, positive self-talk. CBT is an evidence-based therapeutic approach that can help alleviate a variety of symptoms associated with difficult life transitions such as anxiety, depression, stress, and low self-esteem.

Positive Therapy

Positive Therapy is a relatively new therapeutic approach, influenced by both the humanistic and psychodynamic approaches. The core focus of Positive Therapy is on moving away from what’s ‘wrong’ or the negative aspects of an individual, and instead moving towards what is good and positive. This promotes solution-focused problem-solving, increased confidence and self esteem, and a positive mindset… all of which play a huge role when successfully overcoming life transitions!

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is a therapeutic modality that focuses on solutions and what has worked in the past. Instead of examining negative patterns or identifying “problems”, SFBT promotes solution-oriented and positive thinking. This can be incredibly beneficial when going through life transitions, as we will focus on finding solutions and how to effectively cope with the transitions.


The Enneagram is a personality assessment tool that is extremely useful in improving personal self-knowledge and personality development, offering a powerful tool for self-mastery, conflict resolution, team dynamics, leadership and emotional intelligence. I have been certified in the Enneagram, Enneagram Tritype, and Instinctual Types and Subtypes by Katherine Chernick Fauvre, the creator of Enneagram Tritype; who also just so happens to be my mother. Having grown up around this unique form of personality diagnostics I have applied and studied the Enneagram throughout my personal and professional life, and I am very passionate about using its power to help those with low self esteem. Accomplishing these benefits of the Enneagram typically results in increased self esteem as you blame yourself less and understand/accept yourself more. For more information about Katherine Chernick Fauvre, the Enneagram, Enneagram Tritype, and/or Instinctual Types and Subtypes, click the corresponding link(s).

Life Transitions Counseling in San Diego, CA

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